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JC Jongwon Park
JC Jongwon Park
Senior Concept Artist @ DeepSilver
Hamburg, Germany


" J.C. Your electronic brush technique is has the freshness and control of color, picture composition and ambience that is amazing. I enjoyed looking at your many examples on your website. You are up with the best i've ever seen. Because of my illustrative career, I especially enjoy your scenic creations. The mood, the ambience and the sense of 'being there' is visceral and completely convincing. " - from SYD MEAD

J.C Park is an illustrator and concept artist based in Hamburg, Germany where he currently works in the video game , feature film , animation ,TV commercial , publication industry.
J.C has created concept art for games such as Gears of War , Chorus , Everspace , Aion and Legend of the Cryptids.

Deep Silver Senior Concept Artist, 'Chorus' concept art, illustration
WARGAMING.NET Freelance Concept Artist, New Mobile Game concept and illustration
APPEAL STUDIOS Freelance Concept Artist, New Console game concept art and illustration
ABOREA Role Play Board Game Package Cover Art Illustration
Adobe Promote Illustration, Adobe 'Fresco'
Certain Affinity Freelance Concept Artist, New package game concept art
SAMSUNG Concept Art freelance - SSD Robot ‘Victo’ Character concept and illustration for commercial
VIRTUOS Concept Art freelance - Mobile Game concept and illustration
ProSlide Technology Concept Art freelance - Theme Park concept art and illustration
Rockfish Games Senior Concept Artist, 'Everspace' concept art, illustration
Microsoft The Coalition Freelance Concept Artist, ‘Gears 5’ concept art
Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 ’Cadia Stands’ book cover illustration
GOODGAME STUDIOS Senior Concept Artist, mobile RPG concept art,illustration
LOCUS Animation Studio Lead Concept Artist, 'Red Shoes' concept art
NEXON 'Dragon Nest 2 legend' trailer concept art, illustration
GS Films 'Monkey King 3' environment concept, illustration
SR Partners 'Watch Dogs 2.0' package cover concept
CORVUS BELLI Cover illustration for ' Infinity '
Psyop project concept art, illustration, concept art for 'Clash of Clans' trailer
VALUE Games Project concept art, illustration
Geek&Sundry Concept illustration for RPG show
Digital Frontier Movie poster illustration
Claydon Reeves Catamaran exterior, interior concept art
ShiftUp 'Destiny Child' environment concept art
Aaron Sims VFX Company Freelance Concept Artist, 'Ninja Turtle2', 'World Breaker', 'Incipio',
'Wonder Women', 'Gambit', 'Mulan' concept art
Cygames Inc Freelance Concept Artist, 'Bahamut' card game illustration
CROOZ Inc Card game illustration
NetEase Senior Concept Artist, 'Legend of Tibet' concept art,illustration
Applibot Inc. Freelance Concept Artist, 'Legend of the Cryptids','Galaxy Saga' card game illustration
WEBZEN Senior Concept Artist, Unannounced MMORPG Project concept art
NCSOFT Senior Concept Artist, MMORPG 'AION' concept art,illustration
NCSOFT Concept Artist, 'STEEL DOG' project concept art,illustration
ZEMI-Interactive Concept Artist, MMORPG '4STORY online' concept art

Ballistic Publishing, EXPOSE 6,7,11
Ballistic Publishing, EXOTIQUE 4,5,6
Magazine Imagine FX workshop - August 2013
3Dtotal Digital Painting Techniques vol. 5
3Dtotal Digital Painting Techniques vol. 7
3Dtotal Digital Painting Techniques vol. 8
Digital Brush magazine interview - November 2013
2d artist magazine - september 2014 (issue 105)
2d artist magazine - january 2015 (issue 109)
2d artist magazine - july 2015 (issue 115)
2d artist magazine - june 2016 (issue 126)
the GAME GRAPHICS concept & illust - vielbooks 2014
Flesk Publications SPECTRUM 21
Magazine Imagine FX interviewed - April 2017
3Dtotal web interviewed - February 2018

Coloso, online class for environment concept art
SEED GAME GRAPHIC ART SCHOOL, concept art instructor
PIXWAVE Concept Art Academy, concept art instructor
THE ONE ACADEMY Penang, concept art & digital painting masterclass workshop speaker

WETA Workshop & Incheon International Conceptual Design Competition Excellence Award 2020
Silver A' Design Award in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category 2019

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